Our highly-respected Sweet Adelines coaches travel across the country to share their knowledge with Pride of Baltimore Chorus. Each gold medal-winning coach and director has his or her own educational focus such as vocal production, choreography or music interpretation. We hire coaches for rehearsal throughout the year and for our weekend retreats.

Jim Arns, director of the top-scoring Melodeers Chorus since 1988, is one of an elite group of directors to receive the Master Director 700--created in 2009 by Sweet Adelines International to honor her musical directors whose choruses score 700 points or more (out of a possible 800) in Regional Competitions. Jim enjoys an international reputation as a clinician, vocal coach, and music arranger. He serves as faculty at numerous regional and international symposia and travels extensively. Jim Arns earned a Bachelor of Music degree at Benedictine University, and a Masters degree in Music from Northwestern University.
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Cindy Hansen Ellis actively coaches Sweet Adelines International (SAI) and the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) groups at the international gold medal level. She designed and coached the first four gold medal packages of The Masters of Harmony. She most recently designed and coached five gold medal packages for The Vocal Majority.
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As the director of Scottsdale Chorus, Lori Lyford is one of only seven Sweet Adelines directors to achieve the title "Master Director 700" which distinguishes those who have directed their choruses to a 700+ point score in competition. She is also a Certified International Faculty member and conducts training seminars and coaching sessions throughout the United States and abroad. Lori has a well-deserved reputation as a highly effective, personable, energetic educator and coach who generously shares her talents with others. In her professional life, Lori has more than 30 years experience as a music educator directing both vocal and band classes in elementary and secondary schools. Presently, she is the choral music teacher at Chandler High School in Chandler, Arizona.
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Dale Syverson is a legend within Sweet Adelines International. Her creativity and musical expertise are astounding, earning her many honors including two-time International Quartet Champion, three-time International Chorus Champion (as director of The Richtones), and the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is extremely dedicated to education especially as it relates to correct singing technique and conveying the message of a song to the audience. She is the master of demonstrating various vocal techniques and of explaining new concepts in easily understood terms. As if that were not enough, Dale's sense of humor is healthy and hearty. It's easy to see why the members of HHC love and respect Dale so much!
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