Our Monday rehearsals are invigorating and productive. Before rehearsal even begins, we offer small group educational opportunities for members to improve vocal techniques, breathing, posture, choreography and other skills that help build a strong chorus.

At 7:00pm, we gather on the risers for vocal warm-ups. These exercises focus on vowels, dynamics, tuning, resonance, movement and facial expression. Our director, Lynda Keever, then directs us on music we are preparing for our next competition or performance. She makes efficient use of our time together--she is always prepared and focused. On some nights we concentrate on just one or two songs in great detail. Other rehearsals focus on choreography and review of our repertoire. There’s so much to do in just two and a half hours!

We work hard AND we have fun. It’s our time each week to put all of our worries away and just sing.